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wow momos success story: ₹ 2000 crore company built just by selling Momos, know the full news!

wow momos success story

wow momos success story

wow momos success story: Every day a new Startup success story comes out in front of us in the Indian Startup world, today we have brought before you such a success story from the Startup world, reading which you will get a lot of inspiration. .

Today in our country India, many types of food are available to eat like – Chinese Food, South Indian Food etc. You must have heard about momos in Chinese Food, these days momos have started being sold in every street and neighborhood of every city because people have started enjoying eating momos.

But have you thought how much money one can earn by selling momos? If not, then let us tell you that there is a person who has created a ₹ 2000 crore momos company in the Indian Startup world just by selling momos.

The name of the person we are talking about is Sagar Daryani, who has founded a company named wow momos. In today’s article, we will read about wow momos success story and know how this person has made a company worth ₹ 2000 crores just by selling momos.

Started business with only ₹ 30,000

wow momos was started by Sagar Daryani on 29 August 2008 in Kolkata, initially Sagar started this momos business from a small stall in which he invested only ₹ 30,000. Sagar planned to start this business when he was in the last year of his college and at that time he was only 21 years old.

Sagar also included his college friend Binod Homogai in this business and both of them started working hard on it. In the beginning, Sagar and Binod knew how to make momos, so they hired a cook who started making momos at their stall.

Both Sagar and Binod named their stall wow momos, initially they did not get much good response, but after some time their stall started getting good response.

Parents did not support

When Sagar told his father the idea of starting his momos business, he was not at all ready for it and no one from the family supported him. Even Sagar’s father taunted him by saying, “Now my son will sell momos!”

But all these things and lack of support from the family could not stop Sagar from starting this business and he along with his friend Binod finally started a momos stall.

Had to face many difficulties

When Sagar and Binod started their Momos Stall, they did not get much profit in the initial period, even in the first two years they were not even getting funding from anyone to further their startup.

But both of them continued their efforts and adopted new methods to expand their business, like – they had got t-shirts made with the name of their business, and wherever they went, they used to wear the same t-shirt so that everyone could know about their business. Can get information about.

Apart from this, he also made the customers coming to his stall taste momos for free so that they could eat momos from them in future. Along with this, they also started offering many varieties of momos like – Tandoori momos, Fried momos etc. so that more people could come to their stall.

Today we have created a company worth ₹ 2000 crores.

Today they have created a company worth ₹ 2000 crores.

Starting the business with a small stall, Sagar and Binod gradually transformed it into a shop-like outlet, after some time wow momos started giving its outlet franchise all over India as well as the world. Today, more than 800 of their outlets have been opened in almost 26 states of India.

If we talk about their momos sales data, then more than 6 lakh momos are being sold by wow momos today. Till now wow momos company has raised about $68.5 million funding from investors, due to which today the value of the company has reached more than Rs 2000 crore.

wow womos success story overview

Article TitleWow Momos Success Story
Startup NameWow Momos
FounderSagar Daryani & Binod Homogai
HomeplaceKolkata, India
Wow Momos Revenue (FY 2023)₹450 Crore
Official Website

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FAQ: Wow Momos Success Story

Who started wow momos?
wow momos was started by Sagar Daryani, a college student in Kolkata state of India.

How much does wow momos franchise cost?
Wow Momos franchise starts from ₹25,000 + GST.

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