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urfi javed vs raj kundra: Raj Kundra made such a comment on Urfi Javed, Urfi got angry and said that the one who earns money by stripping others…



urfi javed vs raj kundra : Urfi’s name is taken among those celebrities who are more in discussion on social media than TV entertainment. Not a day goes by when there is no controversy over Urfi. She remains in the headlines for her stylish fashion, there was a lot of controversy over this earlier.

A few days ago, a different political discussion had started regarding Urfi’s case. Urfi Javed’s statement against the women officials of BJP was made public on social media, in which Urfi had scolded the BJP women officials. You don’t need to tell us how to live, Urfi had said that no one should say anything about stylish fashion.

But now Urfi Javed Vs Raj Kundra comment war has started on social media and Urfi has now targeted Shilpa’s husband Raj Kundra. The reason for this is Raj’s comment on Urfi, due to which Urfi has become angry.

urfi javed vs raj kundra : Urfi Javed gave a befitting reply to Raj

urfi javed vs raj kundra, there are two names which are in the headlines these days. Urfi is known for her quirky dressing sense, while Raj Kundra is a businessman who was recently embroiled in a pornography case. Recently, a dispute has started between the two.

The controversy started with an interview of Raj Kundra. In this interview, Raj talked about the popularity of Urfi Javed. He said that Urfi also gets a lot of love from the paparazzi, and people pay a lot of attention to her clothes.

Urfi felt bad on this statement of Raj Kundra. He shared a video on Instagram, in which he replied to Raj Kundra. Urfi said that they should not learn from those who earn money by exposing others. He also called Raj the “porn king”.

Raj Kundra also replied to Urfi’s answer. He said that Urfi had misunderstood his words. He said that he was not denying Urfi’s popularity, but was only pointing out that people pay a lot of attention to her clothes.

What was Raj Kundra’s comment ?

Raj Kundra said that in the last 2 years, he has received the most love from the paparazzi. Because the paparazzi see only two stars, one Raj Kundra and one Urfi Javed. The media only sees what Raj Kundra wears and what Urfi Javed doesn’t wear.

In simple words, Raj Kundra said that the paparazzi follow him and Urfi Javed a lot. The media also pays a lot of attention to these two. Raj Kundra also made a comment on Urfi Javed’s clothes. She said that the media pays more attention to Urfi Javed’s clothes than what she wears.

Urfi Javed felt bad on this comment of Raj Kundra. He also called Raj Kundra “porn king”.

This controversy was not limited only to Raj and Urfi, many other people also took part in this controversy. Some people supported Urfi, while others supported Raj.

This controversy has been the subject of much discussion on social media. This controversy has made Urfi and Raj more popular. Additionally, this controversy has also forced people to think about issues like pornography and women’s rights.

urfi javed vs raj kundra

There could be many reasons for this dispute Urfi Javed Vs Raj Kundra. One reason could be that Raj Kundra is a controversial person. He has been embroiled in a pornography case, and this case has brought him a lot of notoriety. So, when he talked about Urfi Javed’s popularity, people thought he was trying to put her down.

Another reason could be that Urfi Javed is a controversial person. She is known for her peculiar dressing sense, and many people do not like her style. So, when Raj Kundra talked about her popularity, people thought he was defending her.

It is difficult to say how long this dispute will continue. However, it is clear that this dispute has been beneficial to both parties. Both Urfi and Raj have gained more fame and attention from this controversy.

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