urfi javed new look made dress from cigarette butts lying on the roadUrfi Javed made dress from cigarette butts lying on the road

urfi javed new look: Urfi Javed is always in the news for her fashion and great dressing. Recently, she made a unique dress using cigarette butts lying on the road. This new look of Urfi Javed is going viral on social media.

urfi javed never stays out of the headlines. After ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, he has taken social media by storm. Everyone, including children, is a fan of urfi’s fashion sense. She makes her look special by using different things.

urfi javed new look

Urfi Javed New Look: Urfi Javed has made a unique dress using cigarette butts left on the road.

urfi jawed new look

urfi javed has made her dress from pieces of glass, bicycle chain, safety pin, cello tape, bubble gum, and green tea bags. She always surprises people with her dressing style. Urfi has been trolled many times because of her fashion, but trollers are also praising her unique dress by using her cigarette butts.

urfi jawed has now shared the video of her new look. Fans have liked this new look very much. His video is becoming very viral on social media. In this look, she is seen collecting cigarette butts lying on the road. She has designed a special dress using these pieces.

Fans comments on urfi’s video.

urfi jawed new look

Urfi Javed New Look video is becoming very viral on social media. The video is being liked a lot on social media. This video is the first time someone has used a cigarette in a good way, and I liked Urfi’s dress for the first time. Urfi is looking very beautiful in this dress, and fans have made very good comments on it.

While sharing the video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption, Dress made from cigarette. After this, my hands smelled like cigarettes for several days. Seeing this, not only the fans but also the trollers are liking this new look of Urfi a lot. People are praising Urfi in the comment box.

Urfi Javed was in the news a few days ago due to her statement. She had said, “I have a three-room house, and when I am at home, I never wear clothes. Earlier I used to live in a rented house. Now I have a big house and love to travel.

urfi javed: lets know about urfi javed

urfi javed is a famous small screen actress, but she is now in the news because of her special fashion. Urfi’s acting journey started in 2016 with the serial ‘Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania’. After that, she appeared in many popular shows. He has also won in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. urfi is very active on social media and shares pictures and videos of her new look. Now fans are curious about urfi’s upcoming works.

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