Thela Gaadi StoryThela Gaadi Story This man earned crores of rupees this year just by selling socks, everyone was surprised!

Thela Gaadi Story: At present, many types of new startups are being started in India every day, out of which the success stories of many startups are being liked by everyone. Therefore, today we have brought the story of a Startup from the world of Startups which will inspire you a lot after listening to it.

Today we are going to tell you about the startup. The founder of this startup has turned his business into a multi-crore company by just selling socks.

Here we are talking about Thela Gaadi startup whose founder’s name is Kapil Garg. When Kapil started Thela Gaadi, everyone had demotivated Kapil and said that you have gone mad, but today Kapil has silenced everyone from talking.

Therefore, in today’s article we will read about Thela Gaadi Story and know how Kapil has made this business a multi-crore company.

Left job and started business

Kapil Garg, founder of Thela Gaadi, started his business in the year 2018. Kapil got the idea of starting this business when he was working as an engineer in a corporate company.

Kapil noticed that there is not much creativity in the clothes these days and very simple designed clothes are available in the market, this thing came to Kapil’s mind when he was looking at his socks.

To solve this problem, Kapil left his job as an engineer and started Thela Gaadi startup.

Made a company worth crores by selling socks

In the initial days of Thela Gaadi, Kapil started making new design socks and selling them through this business. People started liking Kapil’s new design of socks due to which he earned lakhs of rupees from Thela Gaadi in the very first year.

Going forward, the company’s founder Kapil added many new design products to this business like Eye Mask, Handkerchief, Boxer Shorts etc.

With the help of all these products, today Kapil has made Thela Gaadi a multi-crore company, which has generated a revenue of approximately Rs 1.8 crore in FY23.

Thela Gaadi products are so cheap

The best thing about Kapil’s business is that he has kept all his products very cheap in Thela Gaadi, due to which everyone can easily buy his new designed products.

All the products of Thela Gaadi are sold online only, you can see their products on Amazon and their official website. You will easily get all the products of the handcart company between ₹ 59 to ₹ 799.

According to reports, the revenue of this company may exceed Rs 8 crore next year. Kapil has achieved success with Thela Gaadi because he believed in himself, his ideas and did not listen to people at all.

Thela Gaadi Story Overview

Article TitleThela Gaadi Story
Startup NameThela Gaadi
FounderKapil Garg
HomeplaceJaipur, India
Thela Gaadi Revenue (FY 2023)₹1.8 Crore
Official Website

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FAQ: Thela Gaadi Story

Who is the founder of Thela Gaadi Company?
The name of the founder of Thela Gaadi company is Kapil Garg.

How much money has Thela Gaadi made this year?
Thela Gaadi has made a revenue of approximately ₹ 1.8 crore in this year FY23.

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