Lenovo Transparent Laptop Launch Date in IndiaLenovo Transparent Laptop Launch Date in India

Lenovo Transparent Laptop Launch Date in India: Lenovo will present its upcoming transparent laptop to the world at the Mobile World Congress Tech Show held in March 2024. The company is saying that this laptop will come with a large 17.3-inch micro-LED display, which will be borderless, and it will be the world’s first laptop with a transparent display, while disclosing its processor, Lenovo is saying that it will have Intel Core Ultra processor and it will be launched under ThinkBook series, let’s see Lenovo Transparent Laptop. Launch Date in India and specs

Lenovo Transparent Laptop

If your mind is also confused after hearing the news of Lenovo’s transparent laptop, then let us tell you that its display will not be transparent, the features given in it will make its display transparent, an AI camera will be provided in the rear of the laptop, with the help of which the laptop will become a transparent laptop. It will show such a view as if there is no display of the laptop, there is only a small glass while working in it, you can easily see the view behind the laptop and can also do your work.

Lenovo Transparent Laptop Display

This transparent laptop of Lenovo will have a large 17.3-inch micro LED screen, which has been chosen in place of OLED, it will have 55% transparency and will also come with a maximum brightness of 1000 nits, this display will be able to output only 720p resolution. According to the information received, it is being said that more upgrades can be seen in its display.

Lenovo Transparent Laptop Keyboard

Lenovo Transparent Laptop will be provided with a flat touch screen keyboard, which can be used for drawing and designing, whereas due to this touch screen keyboard, its typing experience is going to be useless because of pressing the wrong button again and again. There are more possibilities.

Lenovo Transparent Laptop Battery

The company has not yet given any information about the battery of this transport laptop, but according to the experts, it is being said that to make it thinner and lighter, a lower capacity battery can be installed in it, which will be improved in the future.

Lenovo Transparent Laptop Specifications

This transparent laptop will come with ThinkPad T16 Gen 3 Intel Ultra Core processor, will be based on Windows 11 Pro system, it can be offered with 64GB DDR 5 RAM and 2TB storage option, also this laptop will be full of AI features, It will have an inbuilt software with the help of which permission can be given by connecting it to your phone.

Lenovo Transparent Laptop Launch Date in India

Talking about the Lenovo Transparent Laptop Launch Date in India, the company will first present it in the MWC held in March 2024. According to experts, it is going to take a lot of time for this laptop to come in the market, it will be launched in India by the end of 2024. It is possible.

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