khichadi express storykhichadi express story

khichdi express story: Today we have brought for you the story of a startup in which a young girl has built a company worth crores by selling the Indian dish Khichdi in just one year. Yes, it does not sound true at all that how someone can make a company worth crores from Khichdi.

But the person about whom you are going to read today had earned crores of rupees in the very first year of his business just on the basis of khichdi. Here we are talking about Abha Singhal, a resident of Mumbai, who started her own food business at a very young age, which has become a business worth crores today. Before starting this business, Abha was a model, but now she has become a women entrepreneur.

khichdi express was started

One day in the year 2019, Abha Singhal was talking about khichdi with her friends, after which she got the idea of starting a business related to Khichdi. For this reason, in the same year 2019, he started the business of serving Khichdi to people under the name “khichdi express”. Through which people can eat any kind of khichdi of their choice.

Abha did not limit her business to just Khichdi, apart from Khichdi, she also included Pakodas and many other dishes in her business.

Many outlets have opened

Today, Abha has taken “khichdi express” which was started in 2019 to a great extent, currently there are many outlets of Khichdi Express all over India. Where you can go and eat different varieties of Khichdi from Khichdi Express. Apart from this, you will also get Khichdi Express on Swiggy and Zomato, through which you can order their khichdi online also.

This “khichdi express” of Abha got the biggest boost after the Corona epidemic of 2020 when most of the people turned towards healthy food.

had to face many challenges

The life of khichdi express founder “Abha Singhal” has not been easy at all, due to the divorce of her parents in her childhood, she had to stay in schools, hostels and boarding schools instead of home. Due to which Abha could never get the love of her family.

After some time, he decided to do MBA from outside, so that he could support himself in the future. After completing her studies, when Abha returned to her home, the same daily fights kept happening there, due to which one day she decided to leave her home.

She just picked up 2 pairs of clothes from her house and started living in her friend’s flat. Abha was beautiful in appearance, hence she got many modeling offers, but she knew that this modeling work would not last for a long time and this was the reason why Abha started khichdi express.

Today she is the owner of Rs 50 crores

Today Abha has turned Khichdi Express, which was started in 2019, into a company worth more than Rs 50 crore, due to which Abha has become a millionaire woman entrepreneur. In the very first year of her business, Abha had made a revenue of more than Rs 1 crore from khichdi business.

At present, Abha aims to take this business beyond Rs 100 crore. Let us also tell you that at this time Khichdi Express is going to reach its target of Rs 100 crore every year. Abha was able to achieve all this because she always believed in herself.

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khichdi express story overview

Article TitleKhichdi Express Story
Startup NameKhichdi Express
FounderAabha Singhal
HomeplaceMumbai, India
Khichdi Express Revenue (FY 2023)₹50 Crore
Official Website
khichdi express story

FAQ: Khichdi Express Story

Q-Who started khichdi express?

Ans- khichdi express Startup was started in the year 2019 by Abha Singhal, a resident of Mumbai.

Q- What is the work of Khichdi Express Startup?

Ana- khichdi express Startup is a restaurant type Startup in which you can eat different types of ‘khichdi’.

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