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Karachi To Noida Teaser: ‘Pakistani agent or Indian spy’? Trailer release of Seema Haider’s film ‘Karachi to Noida’



Karachi To Noida Teaser: The trailer of the film for which the audience was eagerly waiting has now come out. The main subject of this film is Seema Haider. For the last few days, many things are being talked about Seema Haider.

Be it TV entertainment sector or social media, everyone went crazy about Seema Haider. Bollywood makers also wanted to make a film on the subject of Seema Haider and they decided to make a film named Karachi to Noida. Now its trailer has come out and it is being discussed a lot.

Karachi To Noida Teaser

——-karachi to noida teaser

In the trailer of this film, Seema Haider is shown not as an ISI agent but as an agent of RAW. When Pakistan came to know about this, there was a huge uproar there. So before it was exposed in Pakistan, Seema fled to India and started living among the people.

The film is directed by Jayant Sinha, and produced by Amit Jani and Bharti Singh. In the trailer of the film Karachi to Noida, Farheen Feller plays the role of Seema Haider, and Aditya Raghav plays the role of Sachin Meena.

Starcast of the film ‘Karachi to Noida’

Amit Jani has also given information about the star cast of this film by sharing the teaser of the film on social media. Deep Raj Rana, Ehsaan Khan, Rohit Chaudhary, Manoj Bakshi, Farheen Falak and Aditya Raghav have played lead roles in this film. Jayant Sinha has directed this film, and Amit Jani and Bharat Singh have produced this film. Amit Jani has written the story and dialogues of this film. Actress Farheen Falak will play the role of Seema Haider in this film.

Dialogues of Karachi to Noida Teaser caught everyone’s attention

——karachi to noida teaser

A few days ago, Mithilesh Bhati’s dialogue ‘Lappu sa Sachin, Jhingoor sa ladka’ went viral on social media. Now in the teaser of the film ‘Karachi to Noida’, “Before calling my husband a lappu, look at your old man also. Who is Sunny Deol?” The dialogue has caught the attention of many people. Besides, other dialogues in the teaser of the film ‘Karachi to Noida’ are also being discussed on social media.

Seema Haider and Sachin’s love story

Seema and Sachin’s love story is like a film. Their love story is being discussed not only in the country but also abroad for the last few days. Seema and Sachin met through the PUBG gaming app. First they became friends and then friendship turned into love. For the love of Sachin, Seema left Pakistan and came to India.

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