bummer success storybummer success story

bummer success story: Nowadays everyone is planning to start their new Startup, and this is the reason why the number of Startups in our country India is increasing day by day. Another reason for the increase in the number of Startups in India is that the current government is supporting Startups a lot.

Apart from this, due to the shark tank india show coming on television, many new people are getting encouragement to start their own startup. Various types of new startups are being started in India, about which many people may not even have any idea. In such a situation, we have brought for you the story of such a startup, in which the startup founder is earning ₹ 2 crores per month just by selling fancy underwear.

Here we are talking about bummer startup which was started by Sulay Lavsi and in today’s time this Startup is growing very fast. So let us read about bummer success story today.

selling fancy underwear!

bummer Startup was started by Sulay Lavsi in the year 2020 from Ahmedabad city, and Sulay’s aim of starting it was to make bummer a Comfy Underwear brand. The idea of creating Comfy Underwear brand came to Sulay because he had learned about clothes and fashion from the California School, and had also worked with many fashion companies.

So he came up with the idea of making slightly different and fancy underwear so that young people like him could wear something different. This was the reason why he started the bummer brand.

These are their (bummer) products

Sulay’s main objective of starting bummer was to make and sell different types of underwear, hence all the underwear made in his company are very fancy.

bummer success story

Instead of regular underwear, he started making underwear of different designs and colors and started selling them, the results of which were also quite positive. The reason for getting positive results was that what bummer had started doing in the underwear market had never been done before.

People saw it in shark tank india

Let us also tell you that Sulay also got a chance to participate in India’s famous business show shark tank india, which he did not let go and everyone saw him in shark tank india season 1. That season, Sulay had gone for funding of Rs 75 lakh for his bummer business.

bummer underwear business.

Seeing the good potential of Sulay or his business bummer, judges Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar on the show Shark Tank India gave him funding of Rs 75 lakh and became a part of the bummer business.

Today bummer earning is Rs 2 crore per month.

When Sulay Lavsi started Bummer, he was earning Rs 60 lakh every year in the initial years, but after going on Shark Tank India, his growth started increasing rapidly and by the end of the year 2023 i.e. till now this year. He has made sales worth Rs 11 crore.

Due to which today Sulay is earning Rs 2 crore per month with the help of Bummer. Let us also tell you that Sulay did not limit Bummer only to underwear, but he also included many other products in Bummer like – Shorts, t-shirts, pajamas etc. This is the reason why at this time bummer is moving forward even faster.

bummer success story overview

Article TitleBummer Success Story
Startup NameBummer
FounderSulay Lavsi
HomeplaceGujarat, India
Wow Momos Revenue (FY 2023)₹11 Crore
Official Websitehttps://bummer.in/
bummer success story overview

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FAQ: bummer success story

Who is the founder of Bummer?
The name of the founder of bummer company is Sulay Lavsi.

How much revenue has Bummer made in 2023?
Bummer has made a revenue of more than Rs 11 crore so far in this year 2023.

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